Thursday, 20 May 2010


Often known as the 'Kyoto of the East' (well it should be, anyway), this ancient city preserves an incredible amount of temples and shrines from the 'Kamakura Period' when this was the nation's capital.

My favourite place to start here is from the further station, Kita Kamakura. Here you can find more of the sites I. Their original, undisturbed woodland settings, whereas Kamakura itself is more of a modern town, wih both all the conveniences and all the distractions this provides.

I like to take a leisurely stroll through the gardens of Zen Temples. For me such a stroll, with a camera to record whatever I find, is a meditation in itself. The atmosphere of such places draws me to them time and time again (they also make for a great place to go with visiting friends, not just for the scerery, but also it's peaceful affect on conversation).

Often my favourite findings are the local cats, who tend to live in the temples and often have a personality all of their own!

This is just a note for now... more later!

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